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You should know…

  1. When you name photos which you upload to the site, remember that Google uses that name in search engines. So, if you want your story to be found, and you want to be found in google, use good naming techniques. For example, a photo of John Doe should be named something like this: john_doe.jpg.

Things to remember

How to login to the website:

First, create your user account in the website by clicking on the link you were sent from WordPress and changing your password. Follow the prompts in the email. Make sure and create a STRONG password. Continue adding characters until you get the word STRONG.

IF you no longer have that email, you can reset your password the site by clicking here:

Enter your email address into the slot and then check your email for the password reset link.

Create your gravatar/profile photo:

Once you are logged in to the website, click on the “Profile” link in the left navigation.

Complete the Biographical Info box with between 330-350 characters.

Upload your 96 px x 96 px into the Avatar link at the bottom of the page.

Click “Update Profile.”

If you had previously created an uploaded a Gravatar, you can now change it on this page also, simply by uploading a new one.

How to create a news story in WordPress.